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Why use drones in the Property industry?

Think drones are just a gimmick that won’t take off? Watch this!

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

Posted May 2020

I recorded this video for you to learn about drones and the benefits which they can bring your Property business.

I'll be covering:

  • WTF are these flying things you’re going on about

  • 7 different ways drones are being used on properties to save you ££££’s

  • Think drones are just used by peeping toms? Think again!

  • 5-point take-off checklist to ask any drone operator

Here’s the video I made for you:

Now understand why bringing in drones is a no-brainer for your business?

We are currently offering a free, no-obligation, (friendly!) 30-minute tailored inspection & surveying strategy consultation (previously charged at £450) in which we will cover:

  • A 360-degree strategy analysis where we identify processes which you can optimise

  • 7The top 3 ways to capture and present images to stakeholders in 2020

  • How to avoid breaking the law when using drone operators

  • Think you can buy a drone off the shelf and fly it anywhere? Think again!

  • Not only that! We'll teach you how you can get started using drones internally. That's right, we will take you step by step through the process of becoming legal, safe and expert drone operators.
We usually charge £450 for this consultation but at this time we want to help as many businesses get through this crisis on top and therefore have waived the fee for you.

No obligation, no catch, it would be our pleasure to help you optimise your strategies.

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About the Author


Jason is an award-winning, internationally licensed drone expert with over half a decade of dedicated experience.
He is one of the UK’s longest-standing CAA and FAA-approved drone pilots who has worked with some of the biggest names in the construction, automotive, cinematic-production, and sporting industries.
A specialist and recognised expert in First Person View (FPV) drones with a background in games coding and simulation.

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