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Case Studies

We strive to help our clients solve their problems in the most optimal way.
Learn about how we have helped a variety of clients in the sections below:

Fire Damage:

• Helping hand during Covid-19

A fire occured recently in the industrial unit adjacent to our offices.
We immediatly offered to help the emergency services assisting with an aerial perspective of the site.
Further to this we also captured images and video of the damage for the business whos premises this is.
We offered these images FOC as an act of good-will as this fire occured during lockdown, who needs extra hastle during this time!?
The images are being used for insurance claims and damage assessments.
The roof was unsafe to walk on - using drones in this scenario is a perfect example of how a site can be inspected in a safe manor with drones.

River Restoration:

• 65 Acre Site Development Mapping

How do you monitor a project 65 acres project without flying a plane or helicopter, screen grabbing Google Maps or manually walking it?
We programmed our drones to fly over this huge site and take hundreds of highly detailed images.
After this we take these images and stitch them together, producing Orthomosaics which are highly detailed maps of the site.
The client wanted these to compare any specific area on the site to see how it was progressing.
As well as the Orthomosaic, we captured video and specific other images of key areas for analysis.
All of this data was captured in 1 day and turned around within 24 hours after capture.

Commercial Roof Inspection:

• Peace of mind

A local business wanted to implement a regular roof inspection schedule.
This was to ensure that any problems were diagnosed early before they got out of hand.
We deployed our drones to take images and video of the entire building, flying both manual and automated routes.
The images, videos and reports were all delivered online within 24 hours.
The data collected has since been compared against previous images we have taken as well as direct the landlord to works that need to be carried out.
Further to this, we also captured some stunning pictures of the site for the business to print and gift.

Residential Property:

• Multiple sites in one day

Ever had to wait for scaffolding, deal with agitated neighbours or have to put someone up a ladder?
This Property Manager wanted to inspect the roofs of their portfolio as part of their maintenance schedule.
We deployed our drones to capture highly detailed images and video of each property.
Able to inspect all valleys, flashing, chimney flues and ridges, giving full site coverage.
After capturing multiple residential properties in a single day, we then handed over our reports and images within 24 hours.

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Why use drones?

Risk Managament

Huge reduction of risk as no people will be working at height.

Fast Deployment

Can be onsite and flying the same day as a call!

Quick Capture

We are able to inspect multiple sites in one day.

Fast Turnaround

We guarentee a 24 hour turnaround - or it's on us!

Full Site Coverage

Drones can access and capture areas like never before.

Minimal/No Disruption

No scaffolding, ladders or teams of people on-site.

Social Distancing Friendly

No need for all stakeholders to be onsite, send images and reports online.

Up to date imagery

Insurers LOVE having regular and up to date aerial images of your site, it adds credibility and professionalism.

More comprehensive than your current methods or it's on us

Not just that, your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the results we produce for you.

More comprehensive.

From capture to delivery, 24 hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Turnaround Guarantee

24 hours after the data is captured the results will be with you, or your money back.

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We are one of the longest standing CAA approved operators (no.918) - having operated drones commercially for half a decade.

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Turnaround within 24 hours or it's on us

Not just that, your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the results we produce for you.

From capture to delivery, 24 hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.