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Free 30-minute tailored inspection & surveying strategy consultation
(valued at £450)

Your 100% free no obligation consultation will include:

  • A 360-degree strategy analysis where we identify processes which you can optimise

  • The top 3 ways to capture and present images to stakeholders in 2020

  • 7 different ways the latest technology can be used on every property to save you THOUSANDS

  • How to avoid breaking the law when using drone operators

  • Our 5-point security checklist to ensure you are using a qualified drone operator.

  • Think you can buy a drone off the shelf and fly it anywhere? Think again!

  • Not only that! We'll teach you how you can get started using drones internally. That's right, we will take you step by step through the process of becoming legal, safe and expert drone operators.

PLUS Special Introductory Offer:
Your first 5 site visits for the price of 1
(Save yourself £2500*!)

*Based on our average commercial site visit cost

Only 9 Introductory Offers left at this price

Why the free consultation?

Our values are deep routed in helping people and right now we could all do with a little help.
Just like a Doctor, we diagnose and then prescribe the right solution for your problems.
We won't push something that doesn't help you!
We are offering this FREE Consultation to help educate you and your business about how it can best use drones to optimise your operations.

Why the crazy introductory offer?

We want to help you come out of this Covid-19 crisis stronger than ever. Minimising the amount of people on-site and downtime of projects is crucial.
This introductory offer is there to help businesses get ahead during this time.
We are confident that you will love the service we provide, be amazed with the results and be a raving fan of CineCover forevermore. That's why we guarantee 100% satisfaction or you get your money back.

But wait... there's more! You'll also get a FREE Aerial Photography package too

Our award winning aerial photography showcases your site in a way never seen before.

Impress stakeholders, use for promotional material, have printed as a gift.

Whilst on-site we will capture images for you that show your site in its best light.

Our Guarantees

More comprehensive than your current methods

More comprehensive data than your current visual inspection methods - or your money back!

Our clients often ask themselves why they had not accpeted new technology sooner...

Full site coverage, minute details to overarching maps - more comprehensive or it's on us.

Turnaround within 24 Hours

Or it's on us!

Through our 5 years of commercial drone experience we have optimised our reporting and data processing methods.

We live in a fast moving world and we value your time. From capture to your inbox in under 24 hours.

100% Satisfaction

Not completely satisfied with the final product? Your money back!

At the heart of our business is a desire to help people.

If we have not helped you why should you pay?

Only 9 Introductory Offers left at this price

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