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Our Guarantees

More comprehensive than your current methods

More comprehensive data than your current visual inspection methods - or your money back!

Our clients often ask themselves why they had not accpeted new technology sooner...

Full site coverage, minute details to overarching maps - more comprehensive or it's on us.

Turnaround within 24 Hours

Or it's on us!

Through our 5 years of commercial drone experience we have optimised our reporting and data processing methods.

We live in a fast moving world and we value your time. From capture to your inbox in under 24 hours.

100% Satisfaction

Not completely satisfied with the final product? Your money back!

At the heart of our business is a desire to help people.

If we have not helped you why should you pay?

Why use drones?

Risk Managament

Huge reduction of risk as no people will be working at height.

Fast Deployment

Can be onsite and flying the same day as a call!

Quick Capture

We are able to inspect multiple sites in one day.

Fast Turnaround

We guarentee a 24 hour turnaround - or it's on us!

Full Site Coverage

Drones can access and capture areas like never before.

Minimal/No Disruption

No scaffolding, ladders or teams of people on-site.

Social Distancing Friendly

No need for all stakeholders to be onsite, send images and reports online.

Up to date imagery

Insurers LOVE having regular and up to date aerial images of your site, it adds credibility and professionalism.

More comprehensive than your current methods or it's on us

Not just that, your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the results we produce for you.

More comprehensive.

From capture to delivery, 24 hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why CineCover?

Safety First

It's who we are. We aspire to make the Property Industry safer. Find out more here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're not here to mess you about. Either you are 100% satisfied with the reults of it's on us.

Turnaround Guarantee

24 hours after the data is captured the results will be with you, or your money back.

Happy Customers Like You

Let our customers tell you about their experience, see them here.

Highly Experienced

We are one of the longest standing CAA approved operators (no.918) - having operated drones commercially for half a decade.

We're connected

We have our own Chartered Surveyors who can provide Condition Reports, Structural Surveys and recommendations on the next steps.

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Turnaround within 24 hours or it's on us

Not just that, your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the results we produce for you.

From capture to your inbox, 24 hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.


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