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A large site before construction work A large site after construction work

You need to do this now before it’s too late

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

As an established business, your normal ‘pre-corona’ business plan probably doesn’t cover everything we are currently facing...

Fear not. I spent a lot of time mapping out a structured plan for CineCover when the crisis hit, figuring out how we can continue to work effectively and support our clients with the quality we swear by.

I’ve taken this plan and made it into a little “work-sheet” (pardon the homeschooling pun) for you to make the whole process a little easier.

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10 tools that'll save you ££££'s

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

“How do I get more done, but in less time?” - a frequent thought during lockdown...

Figuring out how to optimise the perfect amount to not ironically become LESS productive as a result did make me laugh: less productive by trying to be more productive - not ideal!

To save you the exhaustion of trying to find the best and most worthwhile ones around, I have compiled my top list that the team and I use to be our best-selves and save as much time as possible.

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Why use drones in the Property industry?

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

Think drones are just a gimmick that won’t take off? Think again!

Watch this video I made for in which we will cover:

  • WTF are these flying things you’re going on about

  • 7 different ways drones are being used on properties to save you ££££’s

  • Think drones are just used by peeping toms? Think again!

  • 5-point take-off checklist to ask any drone operator

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No suprises supplier checklist

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

‘Pay peanuts - get monkeys’ is a saying we often have to explain to clients who have been previously let down.

Do you have any supplier nightmare stories?

After a chat with a couple of close working partners, and a few laughs over some of the random questions we have been asked in our time, I’ve pulled together this checklist of what you need to ask your suppliers and service providers to make sure you are:
A) Getting the best bang for your buck and
B) Removing the risk of bringing in anyone new as you leave no stone unturned.

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Are you trying to sleep with complete strangers?

by Jason Smith CEO, CineCover

In this social media article I'll take you through:

  • How to make sure your business is not asking to sleep with complete strangers

  • The best social media platforms for our industry

  • WTF are hashtags and what you should never do with them!

  • How to speak the language of all the major social media channels

  • The No.1 FREE tool for post scheduling

  • Exactly what NOT to do when it comes to posting on social media

  • What COVID friendly content looks like

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