CineCover Drone Aerial Survey Specialists

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We Are CineCover

Here to save you money and time whilst making your operations more efficient, effective and safe. We are professional, experienced and certified UAV (drone) specialists ready to help take your data acquisition to the next level. Utilizing the latest photogrammetric techniques we produce incredible high-resolution, high-accuracy 3D point clouds, Digital Surface Models and Orthomosaics

CAA Approved

We hold a full Permission For Commercial Operations (PfCO), and are BNUCs qualified. Our operations manual has been scrutinised and approved for safe operations.

Insured to £5 million

We hold £5 million Public Liability insurance as standard for complete peace of mind when operating.

Safety First

At CineCover safety is always the top priority. In depth risk assessments and pre-flight surveys are conducted to ensure a smooth, worry free experience.

Are you looking for:

• High-quality topographical land survey data

• Orthomosaic maps with Google Earth integration

• Digital Contour Maps

• 3D Models or Digital Surface Maps

• Zero-impact aerial surveys of sensitive sites

• Georeferenced RGB point clouds

Do you want to:

• Improve your customers' experience?

• Reduce costs without compromising output?

• Collect and act on data faster and safer?

• Survey sites unsafe for human access?

• Monitor site progress safely and consistently?

• Provide highly accurate imagery to your clients?

CineCover were model professionals and couldn't go out of their way more to help us

Ghost Media

3D Models & Mapping

Combining hundreds of images taken from above, amazing 3D models and 2D maps can be created. Our high resolution cameras capture images both nadir and oblique to capture all angles of your target area. These can then be combined with highly accurate GPS data (Ground Control Points) to produce maps with mm accuracy!
The images captured can be uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed by your surveyors, inspectors or contractors. We also provide comprehensive accuracy reports with all of our maps.
Outputs: Digital Surface Model, Geotagged High-Resolution images, 3D Textured Mesh, 3D Point Cloud, Orthomosaics (GeoTiff and Google Earth KML)


Imagine placing a human upon a roof to visually inspect suspected damage; scaffolding, Health and Safety Risks, a significant amount of time, team of people on-site. No more! Impress your customers, hugely reduce the human risk involved and save you money by utilising the latest drone technology. Once onsite a drone can be deployed within minutes, a typical roof inspection will take less than an hour of flying. Uploading the images to the cloud for you to view within hours, you are now able to provide your customers with support promptly.
Proactive and Reactive work in the insurance industry, using aerial images to provide a faster and more accurate quote, upping your customer satisfaction.

Site Monitoring

Wish you had a way to update stakeholders of progress on-site? At CineCover we know how rapidly sites develop, having an updated image of the site weekly or monthly allows you to show off all the hard work you have completed.
We are able to program our drones to fly the same flight over and over, allowing you to have a consistent map to reference and see how a site is developing.

A large site before construction work A large site after construction work

Aerial Video and Photography

Our sister company CineCloud is award winning for its creativity. If you would like to find out more info about general aerial photography or videography, head on over to for more information.

How do we do it?

We love what we do, and it shows. This passion means that we are always thriving to produce new and original ways to help you.

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